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Yudara Tekno Prima's (YTP) consulting business pillar focuses on Supply Chain Management (SCM). As the basis for our services we use the Supply Chain Operation Reference (SCOR) Model which works hand in hand with highest industry standards. We offer a comprehensive and efficient approach for planning, sourcing, making, delivering and returning products.

To make your operations more efficient and sustainable, YTP offers a holistic approach to Supply Chain Management that embraces the principles of General Management, Lean Management as well as green concepts that adapts to digitalization trends.

Apart from that, YTP also emphasizes the principles of Operations (Production) & Maintenance Management as an equally important part that influences the overall effectiveness of the supply chain.

YTP's consulting concept provides an innovative approach that assesses all aspects of operations from the human, facilities and systems perspectives.  Our goal is to help everyone involved understand all aspects of their roles in order to achieve agility, scalability & profitability benefits due with improvements made within these areas.

With YTP's shared thinking approach, we provide measurable solutions tailored towards optimising performance throughout company stakeholders - so you can rest assured knowing changes are being done right!  Take advantage of our speciality in shared thinking analysis and benefit ultimately from more measurable implementation turnarounds!