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Have you been looking for a development program that's designed to help your business succeed?

Our aim is to provide effective career development program in order to give the employees more confidence when carrying out their responsibilities which ultimately leads to improved business success. YTP offers the program either for individual or designed for corporate program. In addition, YTP also offer the professional certification program.

YTP focuses on the areas of Supply Chain Management, General and Lean Management, Operations & Maintenance Management as well as related elements in both hard-skill and soft-skills. YTP believes that the right combination of hard- skills and soft-skills knowledge will provide participants with the additional technical requirements, as well ethics elements to become tough leaders and workers

Discover how our development and training programs can help you take your skills to the next level with personalized instruction and process improvements. Investing in our programs not only ensures learning retention but encourages progress on all levels
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YTP has developed short courses to help you take your skills to the next level. A combination of short hard-skill and soft-skill courses that can meet your needs to improve your skills in the fields of Supply Chain Management, General Management, Lean Management and Maintenance & Operations Management.

All our courses are held both offline as well as online - which means learning is now easier then ever before. through online system, YTP's staff can also accomodate your personal schedule.

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In the professional certification program, YTP places high weight on participants' direct involvement or work experience in their fields. With this, it is expected that our certification holders have truly met the strict criteria in terms of both knowledge and direct skills and abilities in their field.

An initial assessment will be carried out to ensure whether prospective participants truly meet the criteria for taking the certification program. YTP will recommend appropriate certification programs.

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On the Corporate Program, YTP emphasizes the collaboration process with companies to jointly create an integrated design with the aim of enhancing the knowledge and expertise of the employees, both individually and in groups.

Our main criteria for this corporate program would be learner-focused, be based on
identified needs, thorough considered, it has measurable objectives,  goal oriented, and it is timely planned. If you are looking for a tailored training and development program, this is the answer.

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